Alexis Levillon Diabolo Artist


By Alexis Levillon

Glitter is a dynamic and family act. 

This number is the result of several professional meetings and their advices. It all started with the Baldoni Circus in Denmark, they had to create an act for a replacement for the end of a season. At that moment, the basis of Glitter was laid. Afterwards, the Boxtalino circus in Belgium believed in the act and wanted him to do a season with them. The development of the act was completed at Cabaret de Licques in France and at Hippodrome Circus in England. Many people believed and advised. He worked, integrated and applied all of that.

Alexis won the 1st price at 16th International festival Malabahria 2023

Infos about the act :

Duration : 6min30

Minimum space needed : 6m x 6m, 5m height

musics : Drop That Low by Tujamo – Energy by Tujamo