Alexis Levillon Diabolo Artist



Alexis is a self-taught diabolist from Belgium, he started playing diabolo at the age of 20 years old. To become an artist, he trained with international artists throughout his performances. 

Before becoming an artist, Alexis worked 9 years as an electronics engineer and 3 years as manager of an engineering team. The goal of his work was to discover problems and solve them, hanks to this mind set and his passion, he was able to discover different ways of playing diabolo but his interest focused on the Vertax. This is the way to practice the diabolo horizontally. Alexis is known for his unlimited creativity and imagination in diabolo practice.

He pushed the boundaries even further by starting to play with a horizontal diabolo and a vertical diabolo on the same string. An international diabolo forum decided to name this technique Galexis, mixing Galaxie and Alexis because it had never been done before. 



1st Price, 16th International Festival Malabharia, Canary Island, Spain, January 2023

Silver Medal, IRC EUROPE, England, August 2019

WORLD CHAMPION, IDA international diabolo championship, China, October 2018

1st Price, RATATAPLAN Festival, Italy, July 2018

Vice-Champion, Battle RED BULL PAO, Taiwan, February 2018

1st Price, AVI competition, Israel, May 2016

Where he performed

Hippodrome Circus, December 2023 to January 2024

Cabaret La Nouvelle Eve, Paris- France, July 2023

Cabaret de Licques, Licques – France, September 2022 to june 2023

Ohh Lala Chérie, Zurich – Switzerland, April 2022

Baldoni Circus, Denmark, September 2021, February 2022

Hippodrome Circus, July to October 2020

Boxtalino Circus, Belgium, May to June 2019, October to December 2019, January february 2020, September 2021, December 2021 to march 2022

Daidogei world cup, Shizuoka – Japan, November 2019, November 2014

Moiture Festival, Seattle – USA, March 2019

Those are my main references, you can get my full CV if you contact him by mail.